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Studio. K

organic & ethical yoga and casual wear 


The real practice is how you live

If we want to heal this world, we need to change our behaviour as consumers. We need to realise that we have the power not to support businesses that doesn't agree with our values. The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world. So we need to take our responsibility. Where we put our money and what we buy is political. We always have choices. 


I blended this realisation with my experiences from years in the fashion industry + my previous studies in fashion and art, and Studio. K was born. She's my baby. Together with my husband I design and curate recycled and organic yoga and casual wear. All clothes are ethically produced in Bali using sustainable fabrics and practices to prevent harming the environment and each other. 

I deeply care about the details, our designs are minimalist, sophisticated, timeless and extremely comfortable. Studio. K is to be worn as a second skin on and off the mat. Every piece is carefully designed to move and breathe in. 

To read more about my brand, materials or to brows the shop press the button below. 


Consciousness is the self

Siva sutra-s 1.1


facilitator of yoga +

embodiment. mother.

wild woman. moon child. 

designer + curator of

studio.K yogawear.

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