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Bye bye 2018

You were a BIG year. Being home in Sweden has given me a lot of space, silence and time to process the growth of the last 12 mont.

Towards the end of last year I felt the need to spend some time away from Bali. To reconnect to the still and grounding energy of my native turfs to allow the juiciness of 2018 to be digested and heard. I believe it's vital to acknowledge where we've been in order to move forward with clarity, to bow down and to sit in gratitude, to acknowledge our blessings and learnings.

Professionally I took a massive leap as a teacher and facilitator of yoga teacher trainings. I opened my very own store in Ubud, Studio Kolektif. I got married to The One- my boyfriend since 12 years, and got taken by surprise by an unplanned (but welcomed) pregnancy. A BIG FREAKIN’ YEAR.

As I'm stepping into a new phase of life I welcome the ups and downs, the laughter and tears, the joy and sorrow, the known and the unknown. I'm ready for you 2019.

Ps stay tuned for info about upcoming retreats that I'm co-creating with some of the most inspiring women I know.

Love, Michaela

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