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Touching the subtle 

Women's Retreat



Enter a lovingly held portal of embodied somatic practices and elemental rituals that reconnect you to the magic of your body and the power of your womb.

Return to the art of movement as a ritual, held in a safe and sacred space for you to explore and celebrate your body. Reconnect to the power of women's circles and gatherings, as we come together to give each other permission to be, fully as we are. Every expression inside of us is waiting to be acknowledged and allowed - and as we use movement and ritual, we invite all parts of our being to be touched,  we allow our wild, playful, messy, soft and sensual essence-nature to be felt and expressed. This is a journey towards an embodied truth of what it means to be a woman, with a microcosm of the Universe inside of our bodies.



Having had the most incredible experience co-creating in Bali over the New Year, my dear friend Marta Wanderlust (an experienced teacher + facilitator) and I were so inspired by the aliveness of Bali that we decided to birth one more journey this year. This is your chance to join us in a women's retreat format for a truly nourishing experience. A week to remember, re-awaken, explore the subtleties of our being and get to know ourselves more intimately.  This is a consciously and carefully curated journey of meditation and movement, transformative BreathWork, somatic practices, encounters with sacred Balinese rituals, sound and cacao ceremony, sisterhood and community, nourishing food and stunning nature.​



Gaia Retreat Centre - Boutique eco-friendly resort, surrounded by an abundant jungle, and nestled in the heart of terraced rice fields. Located in the creative mecca of Ubud - the most desirable location in Bali, voted the friendliest town in Asia. 

The view from the villa is quintessential Bali. Swaying palm trees, therapeutic breeze, beautifully landscaped rice terraces and wind chimes singing away. The grand entrance of opens up to marble and teak wood that has 8 bedrooms, on-site massage room, semi open dining area overlooking the rice terraces and a beautiful chlorine-free pool with decks and views to soothe the body and mind.




All inclusive double share investment: $1599

Private rooms on request: $1899


Early bird: $1500 / $1800, if paid in full by June 1st.


A non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your spot.



7:30am - Morning practice: meditation + movement

9:00am - Plant based organic breakfast

10:30am - Session, sacred site excursion or time off

1:30pm - Plant based organic lunch

2:00pm - Time off: enjoy the pool and local nature

4:30pm - Yin Yoga / Breath Work / Ceremony

6:30pm - Plant based organic dinner

7:30pm - Meditation / Sound / Yoga Nidra




The nearest airport is Ngurah Rai, also known as the Denpasar International Airport. There are good international connections via Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. 

We can help to arrange a taxi pick up from the airport, which is about an hour away from Ubud.

There will be a group taxi pick up from centre of Ubud on the morning of the first day of the retreat. Please make sure to arrive in Bali ahead of that. 


Email me for more information or to reserve your place.


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Cacao is a wonderful heart opening medicine. In a non-psychoactive way it facilitates a warm loving space for an authentic and deep connection with yourself, others, and all of life. The ancient Aztecs and Mayas used cacao shamanically, and it played a huge part in their culture. It is a powerful spirit assistance for inner work, opening to creativity, entering a deep meditation thus receiving insights and guidance, but most importantly - spending some time in the heart space. Therefore anything that wants to be acknowledged or healed or expressed has the container to come up.


Consciousness is the self

Siva sutra-s 1.1


facilitator of yoga +

embodiment. mother.

wild woman. moon child. 

designer + curator of

studio.K yogawear.

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