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AUGUST 15 - 21 



I am delighted to facilitate on Bali Wonder hosted by Madrid-based Julia Persova. Join us for a nourishing journey within, held on the magical island of Bali. Surrounded by wild nature you will be able to withdraw from the external world, reconnect with your inner self and the creative force within you. Return to your body and soul through asana & pranayama, meditation and mindfulness techniques along with stress and tension releasing exercises and embodied practices, which will empower you to let go of limiting beliefs and widen your horizons.

The ark garden.jpg

The Venue 

Outside the hustle and bustle of the city, but within walking distance of Ubud center, cultural capital of Bali, The Ark is a gem hidden amongst rice fields and a lush green jungle.

It offers minimalist decorated and light-filled rooms, a wide wooden shala, with stunning tropical forest views, perfect to create a special atmosphere which opens the door to reflection and introspection. 

Common spaces are ideal to share cosy chats around the fireplace at night. 

The luscious pool will be our resting spot in between practices, acquiring a beautiful tan in the process.

And the sauna which will help to release stiffness from sore muscles after some days of yoga practice.

The resort space will be exclusive for our use. So we can feel at home, and nothing will interfere while exploring our subtle layers of Being.

So you can really focus on what matters, we will pick you up from the Denpasar airport to transfer you to the resort, deep in the heart of Bali.

You really do not have to worry about anything, once you hop on the plane.



Enjoy the most nourishing, cleansing and delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Our chef is highly trained in detox, raw & cooked vegan food and Balinese fusion cuisine.


Daily Sample schedule

Daily schedule may vary slightly each day. Below an example, so you can have an idea of what to expect.


8-10:00 Asana & Pranayama practice

10:00 Breakfast 

11-12:00 Free time to spend around the pool, reading under the palm trees shadow, or however you fancy

14:00 Lunch

14-16:00 Spare time

16-18:00 Workshop to cover different aspects of yoga 

18:30 Dinner 

After dinner, we will enjoy a sharing moment, to comment upon what we learned, watch a movie, or chat about yoga or other earthly matters . There will also be some surprise activities t make the most out of your Bali experience.


Your investment includes

6 nights and 7 days in a luscious resort amongst rice fields in the heart of Bali.

Two yoga practices daily, of 2 hours each in a stunning shala surrounded by lush jungle.

Workshops to deepen your experience  and understanding of yoga. 

Three nourishing vegetarian meals/day

Chatting and laughing while you get rid of toxins in the sauna

Transfer from Denpasar airport to the resort

Surprise activity



Early Bird

(Until March 15th)

Master Suite: all inclusive spacious double share 1345€ / person

Temple room: all inclusive double share 1095€ / person

Double suites: all inclusive double share 1195€ / person


Regular price

(From March 16th)

Master Suite: all inclusive spacious double share 1450€ / person

Temple room: all inclusive double share 1200€ / person

Double suites: all inclusive double share 1300€ / person

We can't wait to welcome YOU to the magical Island of Gods!
For more details or to reserve your spot:



Consciousness is the self

Siva sutra-s 1.1


facilitator of yoga +

embodiment. mother.

wild woman. moon child. 

designer + curator of

studio.K yogawear.

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