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Every moment is an expansive and intricate journey 


My desire to savour the journey led me to the practice of yoga as a living art form. My practice is deeply rooted in the intelligence of creation- I lean into nature and motherhood to explore the layers of the universal self, the inner layers of truth and infinite wisdom. I work with the healing mechanisms of yoga and movement to illuminate the felt sense and embody the higher truths of the body-mind.  

I grew up outside of Stockholm and knew from an early age that I carried a heightened intuitive sensitivity. In my mid twenties I found myself in a deeply anxious state- suffering with multiple daily panic attacks, a complicated relationship to food and a desperate need for change.  From this low point in my life I begun to teach myself how to be a healer. I initiated the process of re-learning how to live through Being,  how to reconnect to my purpose, my soul and my relationship to Self.


I live with my family in Ubud, Bali where I facilitate classes, Teacher Trainings and Retreats. Before moving to Bali, I lived and taught in India-  immersed in the studies of Asana, Pranayama and non-dual Tantric philosophy.


Consciousness is the self

Siva sutra-s 1.1


facilitator of yoga +

embodiment. mother.

wild woman. moon child. 

designer + curator of

studio.K yogawear.

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